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About Us

Over the years, we have developed approximately 60 shopping centers, 4 office buildings and 3 apartment complexes.  Today, we own and operate 29 shopping centers and other commercial properties in 3 states.   In addition, we have several new development projects underway.


Our primary leasing objective is to ensure the best possible performance and profitability for every party involved. We do this by creating leasing programs that match the demographic and economic characteristics of each market.


We keep each of our retail properties operating as efficiently as possible. We closely monitor our centers and stay on top of changing consumer needs to ensure that each property reaches its highest potential.

Smart, strategic development and construction.

Strategic development has always been our strong suit. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring together a great team of architects, engineers, designers and construction specialists for the job at hand. Combine that with our diversity, professional resources, financial stability and an understanding of both our tenants and the communities we serve and you get a successful venture, every time.

Bailey and King Insurance and Realty “Bailey and King” is an experienced independent insurance agency with trained, licensed and knowledgeable professionals to assist in both your personal and business insurance needs.  Bailey and King is committed to developing long-term relationships and providing specialized services to customers with multiple and complex needs.

Customer service is our highest priority.


We are proud of our high retention rate and want to know all of our customers on a first name basis.  Unlike other agencies where insurance may be treated as a commodity, we review your needs so that we can provide the precise amount of coverage needed along with the highest quality customer service and protection. Our experienced staff of professionals stand ready to serve you.

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